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The National Society of
Calvin Coolidge Descendants
The National Society of Calvin Coolidge Descendants is a National Society in the United States with members being of linear or collateral descent.

The Society's goals are to recognize our members heritage to Calvin Coolidge in addition to honoring, and preserving the legacy of the 30th President of the United States. We also support the Coolidge Foundationand all its efforts related to the Coolidge legacy.

        President Calvin Coolidge's History

He was born on July 4th 1872 in Plymouth Notch VT, Calvin Coolidge who's actual name is John Calvin Coolidge Jr. ascended to the Oval Office due to President Harding's sudden death. At the time, then Vice President Coolidge was visiting his family home in Vermont, and was sworn into office in the very early hours of August 3rd 1923. President Coolidge finished out Harding's term and was re-elected in 1925 on his own steam. He officially served in office from 1923-1929. Coolidge served as US President just before the Great Depression and in-between both World Wars.

His tenure in office was during a part of American history known as the Roaring Twenties. America was in a state of prosperity and peace during this time. His hard work ethics and belief in a light hand for regulating business, cutting taxes, and less government control earned him the admiration of Americans.

Known as "Silent Cal", he was a lesser known American President because he spoke few words, saying only what was absolutely necessary in person. However, he did use the new medium of radio to his advantage, making nearly 520 press conferences. He was also the first President to appear on sound film. In his retirement, Calvin Coolidge kept busy serving on boards of many institutions. He passed away suddenly on January 5th, 1933 at the age of 60.
To learn more about him, see his timeline.

John Calvin Coolidge Jr.
1872 - 1933
John Calvin Coolidge Jr. birthplace
Plymouth Notch, Vermont
Then Vice President Calvin Coolidge being sworn
in as President on August 3, 1923 by his father,
and Notary Public John C. Coolidge

John Calvin Coolidge Jr.