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Coolidge Timeline at a glance
John Calvin Coolidge Jr.
1872 - 1933

John Calvin Coolidge Jr.

1872 - Calvin Coolidge was born in Vermont on July 4th.

1896 -  A start in politics.
When he was twenty-four, he campaigned for presidential candidate William McKinley.

1898 -  Admittance to the bar
After being admitted to the bar, Mr. Coolidge opened a small law practice of his own.

1901 - Becomes City Solicitor.

1905 - Marriage to Grace Goodhue.

1906 - Massachusetts House of Representatives.
Coolidge soon found himself moving up the political ladder. He served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives where he was known for his work in women's suffrage.

1911 -  State Senate Seat

1918 - Becomes Governor of Massachusetts.
The most memorable event of his governorship was the Boston Police Strike in Boston Massachusetts.

1920 -  Vice President of the United States of America.
When President Harding was elected in 1920, Calvin Coolidge was his running mate becaming known as "Silent Cal" because he rarely spoke except when giving a speech.

1923 - Becomes President of the United States of America after the sudden passing of President Harding, finishing out his term.

1924 - Presidential election.
Calvin Coolidge was elected for his first full term in office.

1933 - Calvin Coolidge's death